Monday, October 1, 2012

"Are You Gonna' Blog?"

Yesterday I probably spent half of my waking hours on the phone with friends and family calling to share their love and support as I take off on this adventure. I'm pretty sure almost everyone asked if I was planning on blogging while in South Africa. So here it is.

Today is the day! It's almost unbelievable that after 11 months of planning, I am setting off to see a part of the world that I'm sure will be unlike anything I've experienced. I'm feeling pretty damn lucky that I have this opportunity and I really can't wait to explore. Last year in September, if someone had told me this would be my life, I'm not sure I would have believed it. 

I'm also feeling pretty damn lucky that I have such a supportive group of friends and family rallying behind me and urging me to enrich my thinking and broaden my experiences. For sure wouldn't be here without all of you. Missing you all already. STAY CONNECTED TO ME! I mean it. 

That's all for now. I'm willing to bet  the posts that follow will be slightly more interesting, so bare with me and stay tuned.

In the meantime if you're curious about the program I am working with you should read this article! African Studies Give Women Hope in H.I.V. Fight

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  1. Good luck Grace, I'm sure it will be quite an adventure and trip. I hope you have safe travels. David