Friday, October 12, 2012

Sleepy Hollow

Pietermaritzburg is the capital of Kwazulu-Natal. Still, it’s a small city and the locals call it sleepy hollow. Definitely not like bustling Durban and the town has a much more middle class feel to it (I would say that PMB is Richmond,VA if Durban is Washington, DC). That’s fine by me as it means I can go on runs and walk to the stores without problem. Want to see where I live?

My flat is in a neighborhood called Pelham. It’s unpretentious, and feels quite comfortable. It’s about 2km from what South Africans call “The Varsity” otherwise known as the university. I live with my lovely flatmate Shantel. She’s 24, from Maritzburg and works for an office of finance. 

In my last post I told you a little bit about where I work, but you know what they say…pictures are worth a thousand words.

View from my office

Also the view from my office—only an hour later.

So as you can see, the weather in Vulindlela is quite changeable. But I promise I don’t just spend my days snapping pics of the nearby hills. At the moment I am working on collecting and compiling data related to MMC (Male medical circumcision). Did you know that when a man is circumcised it can help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV? Yup it’s true. And of course, reduction in transmission  is always a good thing—especially in a community where HIV rates are high. But what happens if people start believing circumcision will PROTECT them from HIV? It can negate the beneficial effects.  Anyway, I know for most of you this is a little too nerdy so in a nutshell, for the first month of work I will be trying to answer questions related to the behavioral patterns of adolescent males in V. 

Oh and Sabs, this is for YOU!



  1. Hi Gracie - I am loving your posts and hope you contihue. Your apt. looks great - was hoping you weren't living in some squalid tent! Your Mom and I just got to sherrill from D.C. last night after I spent a few days with her and your Dad. Much, much love to you. Gram

  2. Thanks for the comment Grams. Sorry to have missed you! Sounds like some lovely family time though. Hope you're well and looking forward to seeing you upon my return. Big hug!