Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Few Scenes from my Afternoon Cruising Around and OVER Durbz

It's the rainy season in Durban, so it's been a bit overcast these past few days. No downpours yet, though. That said, I was lucky enough to have an afternoon where the sun peaked out and I got to cruise around style.
My ride for the afternoon. Pretty cool right?

Wanna know what other kind of ride I took? Oh just a SkyCar ride, no big deal. Let me explain. Below is Moses Mabhida Stadium. Soccer fans may recognize it from the last World Cup. Please take note of the arch that stretches across the structure...

Moses Mabhida Stadium (not my picture)

The stadium offers SkyCar rides, which essentially take you to the top of the stadium where you can stand on a platform and look out over the city and onto the Indian Ocean. 

SkyCar--you can also bungee jump, from the top--I passed on that!

When you get to the top you see views that look a little something like this:

Only the real thing is way better and also I was using my iPhone and despite my artistic lineage, my photography skills are kind of crappy. 

I was told by Durbanites that on a clear day the horizon looks even more expansive. It was a pretty cool way to take in my first viewing of the Indian Ocean. Upon return to sea level, I got to go down to the beach and actually touch the Indian Ocean for the first time. 

So all that was definitely very cool, but earlier today I also learned that I don't even have to leave my bedroom to see some impressive sites! Check it out!

There were at least six of them just hanging out, getting into trouble this morning.

That's about it for today, all you readers should come visit and see for yourself! 


  1. yeah, i appreciate your passing on the bungee thing.

  2. What Amy actually meant was that you should go back and bungee jump as soon as possible. And test it out before she visits and tries herself!