Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Off-Roading in a Citi Golf

Just a normal Saturday in KZN; Woke up, had some breakfast, went for a run, pet an African elephant, did a little tour through lion territory…you know the usual.
It’s a rare Saturday morning that Shantel and I are both at the flat. Often she is at her boyfriend’s house or I am off in Durban etc. So this morning when we woke up we were determined to take advantage of our situation. She asked me casually “what do you want to do today?” Approximately 30 km later and we are cautiously [read: trying to avoid peeing our pants—mostly this was me] touching some massive African (read: not the nice gentle Asian variety) elephants.  My day month was made complete before noon today. Saw some Zebra, wildebeests and bucks in the distance as well, but they were too far to get any quality shots.

I will also have you all know that all of this off-roading through South African nature was done in small gold citi golf; the model is probably ten years old. We had our apprehensions but the woman at reception told us it wouldn’t be a problem so on we went. 

First some scenery from our drive out. 

please note that my new friend is ACTUALLY holding my hand

Shants goes in for the pet

Just a little nature happening here...

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